Dora Katsamori

SpecialityPostdoctoral Researcher, SKEL The AI Lab, Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, EKFE Dimokritos
Cutting edge technologies and intangible cultural heritageThe Artifact (Artificial Intelligence for Culture) / SKEL The AI Lab team, of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of EKEFE Dimokritos, will present two projects that utilize cutting-edge technologies to bring the public into contact with intangible cultural heritage. The project Shelter of Greek Ideas aims to create a model exhibition space of ancient Greek ideas and ancient Greek philosophy. The goal is to create an experiential browsing experience using technology. The project VAST: Values Across Space and Time, inspired by art as a tool of the educational process, studies the communication and perception of values in space and time. Among other things, it collects and digitizes the capture and capture of values by audiences and spectators through theatrical performances, museum visits and educational programs.

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by Δώρα Κατσαμώρη

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